Art Lending

Central Features curates customized art exhibitions and portfolios for individuals, companies, and organizations seeking to borrow original, high-quality, contemporary art by local and national artists. We value professionalism and personalization, connecting with clients one-on-one and sourcing available art directly from our gallery inventory, as well as from artists' studios, private collections, and partnering galleries. 




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Editing Services (and more) for Visual Artists

Gallery Owner/Director Nancy Zastudil is a published arts writer and editor, and she is dedicated to making positive change through philanthropy and entrepreneurship in the arts. Her personal and professional approach is inspired by Constructivist artist Vladimir Tatlin, who has been quoted as saying, "Not the old, not the new, but the necessary."

As The Necessarian, Nancy offers editing services and straight-forward, practical advising specifically for visual artists because she understands their desires and challenges. With her help, artists can improve their writing, implement effective time management techniques, identify and achieve numerous short and longterm goals, increase networking opportunities, and develop additional skills necessary for self-identified success.